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inRecovery is an innovative startup aiming to disrupt the addiction industry and innovate addiction treatment. With the ultimate goal of helping people overcome addiction and fully reintegrate as thriving members of society.

If you seek mental stimulation and looking to serve a real and greater social purpose, work with a kick ass team, let your knowledge shine and feel safe to try outrageous ideas - inRecovery is your new home.

Never have a task again, have purpose instead! David Emanuel Sarabia
Founder, inRecovery

Available Positions

Data Scientist

San Diego, CA

Full Stack Developer

San Diego, CA

Backend Developer

San Diego, CA

Four Core Principles

The pulse of inRecovery is within every one of us. This is our culture.


  • Be amazing at what you do.
    Shine and Crush it!


  • Be nice, smile, help each other. Spread love in everything you do.


  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Just go for it, we’re not building rockets.


  • Believe in unicorns and magic. Keep the creative kid alive; invent and innovate.

Our Vision

New Frontier for Addiction Treatment and Results Focused Care

Our comprehensive addiction recovery platform will help rehabs provide their patients with better care without burden or additional staff. Building patient's confidence by encouraging and rewarding positive behavior. Focusing them on small daily accomplishments towards long term change. We even empower them to provide real-time feedback for therapy sessions and activities, valuable feedback for rehab management and owners which can be used to better understand and improve their programs.

We are here to make the overall rehab experience more efficient for treatment centers and more engaging and effective for patients.

Using Machine Learning and AI, we aim to improve therapies and their results. Eventually, every person in the platform will have a personalized Therapy Path as unique as they are. Therapy Paths that constantly learn and evolve and give real time feedback to therapists, something that has never been available in the treatment industry.

Data collected by our platform will be made available to addiction and mental health researchers. Giving them access to millions of records of recovery patients and helping them discover more effective treatments and cures for addiction. All while maintaining patients identities anonymous.

Our groundbreaking Blockchain for Addiction Recovery becomes the single source of truth for a person's recovery. By housing accurate and untampered records of sobriety that will help move people beyond recovery. Coupled with a robust reputation system, the Sobriety Report will serve as a supplement to the traditional credit rating system to help people in recovery reintegrate and become thriving members of society.

We will disrupt addiction statistics. First by helping rehabs achieve higher engagement and better outcomes. After treatment, helping people change their lifestyles and create meaningful human connection. We will be on the forefront of addiction treatment and ultimately help researchers collaborate and discover better treatments, together. But most importantly, we will put the addict first. Restoring their hope for a better life by becoming part of a global movement. The movement of inRecovery.

inRecovery is more than an addiction recovery platform. It is a vision for the future of addiction treatment. It is a movement to crush addiction, together. David Emanuel Sarabia
Founder, inRecovery