Creating engagement and bringing AI to treatment centers.

Enhancing Rehab

inRecovery+ is an app used by treatment centers to create higher levels of engagement for patients. It helps reprogram the addict mind from compulsive to structured by rewarding positive behavior.

Therapists set daily goals for patients which are reached by earning points from checking-ins to therapy sessions, activities and drug testing.

Badges are awarded for outstanding behavior such as perfect attendance, career planning, volunteering and extra curricular activities.

inRecovery sits a layer above the EMR, as a Patient Engagement and AI platform for treatment centers. Fully compatible with all major EMR systems.

Using Gamification to Raise Engagement Rates in Treatment.

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Roadmap to Recovery

inRecovery+ focuses on small daily achievements with a clear path or "roadmap" for the next 30, 60 and 90 day in treatment. Showing patients how they're progressing in their recovery.

This helps people trust in themselves again and enjoy structure. Building the necessary confidence and foundation for long term sobriety.

Long term Sobriety through Human Connection.

Stay sober, together.

After rehab, patients are introduced to their Sober Circle. An intelligently selected group of three local peers and a mentor to do all sober activities.

Matching is based on location, personality, goals, and other factors. Making sure they get along so their journey in sobriety can be as fun as possible

60% Relapse
after Rehab
within a year.
Rehab works, until you leave. We keep you in the program. David E Sarabia
Founder, inRecovery

Therapists one tap away.

Studies have proven that recovering addicts who speak to a therapist at least once a month, even over the phone, increase their chances of staying sober by 300%.

Through Teletherapy, patients can continue connection to their therapist and message them anytime they feel at risk.

Therapy Paths

Personalized Therapy Paths are created in real-time by analysing behavioral, physiological, and emotional data - all while finding corelations from all data gathered throughout the inRecovery Blockchain.

We simplify therapist's lives and improve their results by providing actionable analytics that would otherwise take large support teams days to process. This brings in valuable insight can lead to saving lives.

EMMA - Intelligence Engine

EMMA, Enhanced Machine Medicine for Addiction, is an intelligence engine for personalized therapies in Addiction Treatment.

Using a combination of machine learning and AI, we are able to create personalized therapies using real time data and analytics.

inRecovery Blockhain

At the core, inRecovery is powered the world's first blockchain for addiction and mental health. Maintaining integrity and privacy in all activities recorded by inRecovery Ecosystem.

Our blockchain becomes the single source of truth of a person’s recovery, with the goal of helping people reintegrate as thriving members of society.